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WireCrafters Style 840 Wire Fencing available in woven wire or weld wire panels. Almost any application we offer in our traditional woven wire mesh can also be constructed using this welded wire mesh. Both the 840 Style woven wire and the RapidWire™ welded wire provide a very strong and secure wire partition, and both systems offer a full line of hinged and sliding doors. RapidWire™ welded mesh lends itself to easy modifications in the field when installing and making cutouts. With every wire welded to another, the mesh stays in place as you make cuts to go around obstructions. WireCrafters Wire Partitions & Wire Cages are excellent choice for security areas to prevent pilferage, enclose work areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Great for stock rooms, tool cribs and other secure locations. WireCrafters cages can be configured to the exact size that will fit your available space. Each of our model listed includes 2” square posts, wire panels, door with cylinder key lock, assembly hardware and concrete floor anchors. Enclosures are secure as hardware is inaccessible from the outside of the wire cage. 3/8" assembly hardware is used and is the heaviest in the industry. Wire mesh panels and ceiling panels are interchangeable which simplifies relocation and design changes. Woven wire partitions can be removed, relocated and put back together in a short amount of time. You can even change the configurations when your needs change. If a partition is damaged, you just remove the old panel and order a new one. Panels install horizontally between 2” square tubular posts. The panels are 4’ or 5’ tall with lengths from 1’ to 10’, other sizes are available. Two or more panels are stacked to reach full partition height. Standard posts are 8'-5.25" and 10'-5.25" tall and are available for any height up to 40’-0”.

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